Chunky is a delight, isn’t he? A scrubby little dog with a wide grin is enough to brighten even the stoniest of hearts. Chunky is optimistic to the point of obliviousness, and his infectious mood spreads to others regardless of how down they might be feeling.

He’s not just a happy face, however. Chunky has a surplus of energy and will not give up on a task until his body is spent. Great care must be taken when giving him a task to do, or asking an errand of him, because he may well do the task until he collapses into a snoozing pile. Thankfully he bounces back after a solid nap and a bowl of food, but his endurance should not be tested too often. Though hardworking, Chunky takes his downtime very seriously and can often be found lying flat on his back in the sunshine, tongue lolling out, eyes closed, mouth agape in a huge grin.

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