Home Delivery

Good morning, I brought your groceries! I’m the new delivery boy. Don’t worry, I’m very good, I didn’t eat anything on the way over. I didn’t even lick ‘em. And I picked the brightest apples and the freshest pears. And I washed my paws before touching anything. I’m real good. Same again tomorrow? Of course, … Continue reading Home Delivery

Pocket Guides

Pocket guides (for mages, that is, I don’t have pockets) sure are handy for familiars. It saves me lugging a great big tome on my gathering trips through the forest. But honestly, it hasn’t done much to boost my confidence... I need a mushroom. Red cap, white spots. There are several. One sort helps cure … Continue reading Pocket Guides


Lochwyrms can grow to unfathomable sizes and live for uncountable years, but they all start as tiny hatchlings with curious eyes and an urge to explore. Traversing the land can be hard for them, and with rivers and streams replaced by roads, or filled with nets, or dammed altogether, the wyrms cannot roam as they … Continue reading Lochwyrms

Chatter Mill

It’s hard to search in such cold weather. Everything smells of snow and biting winds, with any wild smells locked inside the ice. I seek the path to Chatter Mill, to buy a little bag of Haggard flour - it makes an excellent paste for medicines. But I can’t see the turning windmill blades or … Continue reading Chatter Mill

New Coat

Drink the potion, they said. It’ll help your headache, they said. Funnily enough, being swamped in fur and sparkles has not done much to help my headache. It’s hard, being a teacher. Oh, it’ll wear off in an hour or two, I know, and at least the fluff is soft. It’s a harmless joke and … Continue reading New Coat

Eye Opener

I finally got my new glasses. I had to get such big ones ‘cos my eyes are so large, but I’m working it, I think. Now I’m enjoying seeing all the little things, like the patterns in leaves or the sharp edges in grass. I’d never noticed the texture of the fabric of my hat, … Continue reading Eye Opener


I did it, haha! I can fly! They said even the smallest brooms would be far too big for me, so I made my own! It took a little work, but it doesn’t have much to carry. One dry wheat stem can zip through the air like a dart, carrying me across the fields and … Continue reading Windwheat