The Great Hare

They call him the Great Hare, and they sure aren’t lying. A spirit of the hills and copses, he’s been in these parts for many centuries. Despite his size, this is our first time meeting him, though we’ve walked this way hundreds of times. Oddly, he’s utterly silent. Even with my long ears I can … Continue reading The Great Hare

Bedtime Story

"Did you hear that?” I asked. Jim pauses in his tale, listening as hard as he can, straining for any sounds from beyond the canvas. The soft crunch of dry grass prickles in our ears. “It’ll just be a rabbit,” he mutters, gazing back down at the page to find where he stopped. The tale … Continue reading Bedtime Story

Wash Up

Shortly after I was born, a wave swept me out to sea, away from my mamma. When I washed up on the sand again, I was on another beach. Peter found me while he searched for shells, put me in his bucket, and carried me back to my mamma. Although we bonded on the way, … Continue reading Wash Up

Fir Foxes

If you ever hear soft feet in the woods, and the sudden rustle of leaves or pines, your journey may have caught the attention of fir foxes. These adorable little creatures are often heard but not seen, as they’re effective at hiding in pine forests and deep foliage, but you’ll not miss one if it … Continue reading Fir Foxes