I Return!

Bonjour all! After many months, I finally return! The Here Be Dragons Kickstarter in April and May ate far more voraciously into my time than I ever thought it would, and I've struggle to catch up since. Fern fox plushies, many commissioned watercolour pieces and The Rescue Chickens Save Christmas were my main priorities, but … Continue reading I Return!

Art Supplies

One of the most frequently asked questions that I receive via my Instagram is, “what art supplies do you use?” Here is a quick post to share in detail what I use, and why. I’ll note firstly that accessibility is a major selling point for me. Buying luxurious high-end brands sounds neat, but I don’t … Continue reading Art Supplies

Introducing Silver Jill

 As is the nature of things, as The Naiad Chronicles comes to an end, a new story takes flight. At the controls of this new adventure sits Letitia Hopsworth-Jubilee (Lettice, for short); aviatrix, botanist, entomologist... hare. Lettice recounts her airborne adventures in illustrated journals. The book will be lushly illustrated with over one hundred and … Continue reading Introducing Silver Jill