“Don’t take shortcuts,” the elders always say. “If it were easy or safe, everyone would do it, and it would be the norm, not a shortcut.” Some shortcuts are good, like passing through a few small streets to avoid the bustle of the main road, but others... When you’re new to both the world of … Continue reading Shortcuts

Above It All

Stories tell of elves in the deep woods. Not like children’s books would paint them, mind, all quaint and glowing, these are real elves, giants above the world of us regular folk, and of magic. With too much time in their lives, Nature never blesses ‘em with magic, see? They live their lives in metal … Continue reading Above It All

Human Touch

Humans may not have the boulder-like strength and patience of the dwarves, or the soul of the sea like the selkies, or the shifting shape of air like the pucas, but they have, deep inside, an unbreakable connection to life. They live it openly, sharing their own with others of their kind, or with the … Continue reading Human Touch

Growth Spurt

Magic is a strange thing. It just opens up, blossoming in the heart like a new bloom, radiant and- Well, in Ash’s case, it did that literally, too. All it took was a wilting bouquet and poof! The air was full, the petals were renewed, and her dad’s allergies were off again. This was years … Continue reading Growth Spurt