Pendal Drakes

The flame of Pendal Drakes burns as hot as a true dragon’s breath. It is thought the drake’s fire shifted to their backs as a form of language across dark caverns, leaving their mouths free to vocalise. They have little control over their flame, however. It is constant, feeding on an oil secreted from glands … Continue reading Pendal Drakes


Thank you for choosing Gryph-on-Time, the fastest and most reliable delivery service in the Hinder Dales. A flock-run business for 60 years, we pride ourselves on the swiftest wings and promptest arrivals. A delivery attempt was made but it appears you were out. As the package did not require a signature, it has been: (X) … Continue reading Gryph-On-Time

Dream Time

I’ve got... memory troubles. I go somewhere new and all is fine and dandy, all is exciting and enjoyable, but after it a few hours and it just... slips away. I remember bits. I remember if it was high up, or if it was cold. But was it dry scrub on that mountain, or grass? … Continue reading Dream Time


I snort an irate jet of flame. “Rest? You gotta be kidding, right? Where’s the fun in sitting around inside all day? The boredom hurts more than my sprained claw.” “You’re lucky it was just a sprain! To take on a troll of that size...” The nurse rolls her eyes, shaking her head. “Petra, make … Continue reading Fighter