Foggy Mind

The old dwarven highways once connected a great number of settlements and mines, gardens and libraries, craft pits and music halls. Many of the smaller routes have been left for the gloomy, steamy forests of the dwarven realm to inhabit. There are strange things down here in the mists, behind curtains of leaves and calcified … Continue reading Foggy Mind


They pass over every spring and summer. When we lived down in the valley, we saw them as only shooting stars in the night, but this year we climbed the hills and slopes to watch them skim just above our heads. Lightkites are strange things. They never land, never linger. It’s said they live in … Continue reading Lightkites

Wind Down Potion

Oh, hello everyone! It’ssss me, SSSelma! I’m gonna show you my favourite magic sssspell - one to calm the nervesss and refressssh the mind. I make it for my mage, SSSeljord, after busy daysss in the library. Firssst, you must boil sssome water, but leave it for a moment to cool a little. Then choossse … Continue reading Wind Down Potion

Deep See

To look through the inky waters deep is a task in itself, but some serpents see more than the present churning of the waves and twinkling shafts of light. In all kinds of water serpents a rare Seer might be born, gifted with a greater sight. What they see is unclear, even to their own … Continue reading Deep See

Firefern Woods

Lost? No, not in Firefern Woods. None lose their way in there. The trees are knotted and the paths swamped in moss and ferns, so one may well find themselves astray. Look between the trees and you will see statues, soft things with simple faces. Ask them nicely to show you the way, and lead … Continue reading Firefern Woods

Swept Up

We make brooms! Big brooms, little brooms, training brooms, racing brooms, fireproof brooms, arctic brooms, delivery brooms, multi-passenger brooms, you name it, we make it. Sweeping brooms? No, not those. It’s my job to gather the wood. I’m real good at that. I go into the forest and find suitable branches, then I carry them … Continue reading Swept Up