It’s strange how some things can be so alike but so different. Although they are technically their own species, many people consider gryphons loosely to be birds, and certainly they seem more bird-like than mammalian. Gryphons also seem to enjoy the company of smaller birds, especially the ones that travel in groups, and have even … Continue reading Pets

Sour Hour

No matter how mild-mannered a young dragon typically is, they’re prone to moody swings as they grow and it’s not unusual for a teenage dragon to suddenly become rather grumpy. They can’t help the sudden sour mood. Of course, bad behaviour should be corrected, but no amount of telling them to “cheer up” will change … Continue reading Sour Hour


Chunky is a delight, isn’t he? A scrubby little dog with a wide grin is enough to brighten even the stoniest of hearts. Chunky is optimistic to the point of obliviousness, and his infectious mood spreads to others regardless of how down they might be feeling. He’s not just a happy face, however. Chunky has … Continue reading Chunky


Every autumn, flocks of dragons pass over the moors as they travel to warmer climates. Often Rover can be seen watching them pass, staring silently with his head tilted to the sky. Is he envious? Does he wonder where they go? He makes no attempt to leave the moor. He could, easily. He could walk … Continue reading Overhead


Kiwi is a cheerful sort, always singing, always dancing. While familiars can rarely speak in human tongues, Kiwi can manage a few lines of conversation and several catchy songs, making her very popular with the younger people she meets. She and her mage are healers in a rural area and sick children are not so … Continue reading Kiwi


The mage that runs this bookshop barely says a word. He’s very shy. But his debonair familiar more than makes up for any quietness. Sure, Chester can only speak in meows, but he’s so confident and at ease that you don’t really need words, he just makes sense. That is the magic of some animals, … Continue reading Chester