They Say

They say there’s a great big creature in these waters. Bigger than the ships, stretching to the horizon, aglow in the inky depths. Rubbish, I say, I ain’t seen nuthin’. There’s nothing here but fish and gulls. It’s all just gossip to scare the young lads when they first join the boats.

Old Jack swears he saw it, only a year back. Says he’s seen it multiple times, or caught glimpses of it. Jack’s a sound enough guy but I think he’s pulling our legs. If I saw something so big I don’t think any amount of money would get me back in these boats. We’d have been nibbled from the surface of the water like cherries form the top of a cake. I doubt anything of that size is friendly, right? It’s gotta eat what it can get, and that includes fishermen.

Nah, I don’t think there’s nothing in these waters but crazy stories and wild imaginings.

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