It is well known that dragon pups enjoy sweet foods and are often attracted to fruits and berries, but it is always very cute when a dragon’s hoarding instinct kicks in and they decide to hoard autumn’s bounty. It is irresistible to them, and the pups feel compelled to stop whatever they’re doing to gather windfall apples, acorns, brambles, blackberries, quinces, and any other shiny morsels they might find.

Some fruits, like the apples, aren’t sweet enough on their own to satiate a sweet-toothed pup, but with the help of spices and honey it can be turned into wonderful sauces, baked into biscuits, made into tarts and pies, fruit leather, all sorts. Pepper has been gathering great hatfuls of anything she can find, and the whole village is keen to make her a plethora of recipes to try – if only to stop her “sampling” any sweet food she happens to find unattended.

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