Pick Your Own

Fruit drakes are exactly as you might imagine – fruity. They hide orchards and fields, their hides and decorations echoing the crop around them. They do eat the fruit, but the farmers rarely mind, for they eat all the potential pests, too, and they’re quite territorial, guarding their little patch fiercely.

If a drake is driven out of its patch for any reason, it will find another and its appearance will gradually change to suit the environment. They can change colour, shape, ornamentation, they can learn to climb or swim or whatever may be needed.

Curiously, some drakes have been observed leaving an area purely based on how they must look to suit it; one did not like being a prickly bramble sort and so left to be a softer apple. This one seems to have favoured a strawberry field, which is one of the less commonly seen – likely disturbed by the many families that come to pick the fruit during the harvest.

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