Wind Down Potion

Oh, hello everyone! It’ssss me, SSSelma! I’m gonna show you my favourite magic sssspell – one to calm the nervesss and refressssh the mind. I make it for my mage, SSSeljord, after busy daysss in the library.

Firssst, you must boil sssome water, but leave it for a moment to cool a little. Then choossse your favourite mix of herbsss, fruitsss and teasss, and add the hot water. For extra goodnessss you could add honey, or milk, or sssugar, or lemon, or anything you pleassse.

Sssome might call this sssimply “tea” and that is an okay name. But isss a powerful magic too, that anyone can cassst. Even I do it, and I hasss no handsss. But do not burn your tongue, I do that too many timesss…

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