Sometimes, in the cool red days of autumn, you may catch a glimpse of the darting Woodwyrm. In summer their scales shine in greens and golds, making them almost invisible to any watching eyes. Their fall colours can often work equally as well, especially on days of bright sunshine.

But you are far more likely to hear woodwyrms than see them. Using calls akin to those of birds they communicate about their forest. Sounds like the cracking of branches or the crushing of bark come from a special gland in their throat, and are usually used to warn of danger. Calls mimicking fox cries are typically made in fun, notably by juveniles. A sound like rushing wind when no wind is blowing may come from a mother soothing a hatchling.

Woodwyrms are very effective at keeping numbers of small animals at manageable levels, and can be encouraged into farmland by planting dense hedgerows in which they can hide. Copper beech is ideal. To discourage them away from coops and barns, keep cats. For some reason, the wyrms are more afraid of cats than almost any other creature.

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