Fun and Games

Deep in the tall grasses and thick leaves of wildflowers live the tiny faerie folk. Some are large enough to be mistaken for a child’s doll, while others are so small as to be almost invisible to the average eye.

Fashioning clothes from what they find, most resemble leaves or flowers. Some choose feathers or even furs, especially in colder climates. Their skin is often akin to spring flowers in colour, ranging from pastel pinks and oranges to dusky blues and lilacs. Their appearance is captivating, their manner charming, and their words kind.

But they’re not to be trifled with. With a wild, untameable magic they can easily overpower even an adept mage. Tricks and riddles bind a foolish passerby into all sorts of pacts and trades. For the most part, these “deals” are a form of fun for the fae, and are swiftly broken when the game ends.

Still, always be aware when talking with the faeries.

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