The Easiest Method

Magic is great and all, but it’s hard for fighting with. Energy and all that. You only get out what you put in, with spells, at least, and for Sophie, she finds it far easier to just… clobber the thing, you know? Really whack it.

Growing up in the foothills of the mountains exposed her to many monsters and… things. Failed experiments. Vengeful spirits. Lost magic. And through many such encounters she came to realise that sometimes, as nice as it is to talk things out and come to happy medium, the only safe way out of a situation is to whack the monster with a stick.

She’s good at it, too. Other people pay her to whack monsters with sticks. Nowadays she uses the sheath for most occasions, but in rare instances the blade is drawn for more than just show. Some monsters we’ve been able to talk down, or settle the dispute between them and the nearby settlements. Most of them aren’t bad, not super bad, just wild.

Some, though… some are so bad you can barely comprehend their badness.

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