I’m minding my own business inspecting the vegetable garden one sunny afternoon and whoosh! A huge shadow crosses overhead, yells “Cheese!” at me, flashing a light in my face, all to be followed by a crunching, whirring sound.

And now here I am, my bewilderment forever immortalised as a tiny… what did they call it… “photo-graph.”

It’s a neat thing, that little box the elf had. It made a whole painting in only a few seconds! So much could be done with it – we could see far off parts of the world, or creatures most would never see, as they truly are. Everything special and wondrous could be stored forever on little pictures from little boxes.

Perhaps that is why the elf took a picture of me? I don’t think elves see much of dragons at all. Perhaps a dragon pup IS unusual and important to them.

Yeah. Yeah, let’s go with that.

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