In Your Wake

You saw the Forest Queen? No, she showed herself to you. You saw what she wanted you to see. Never think that you can take from or chance with spirits or monsters of whatever her ilk may be. It was a mutual exchange, but you did not understand what she gave in return.

What did she take? Probably a good look at you. Deep past your skin and muscle and bone and right out the other side, to your own spirit. She gleaned the information she wanted and left you be, which is her usual way with us regular folk. We locals get little more than a quick glance, if we’re blessed with her gaze at all.

If she sees a monster in your wake, a malice beyond the boundaries of your body… well. No-one knows what she does with them. But they never come out of those woods again, at least not as folk. They disappear, without a trace.

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