Introducing Silver Jill

 As is the nature of things, as The Naiad Chronicles comes to an end, a new story takes flight. At the controls of this new adventure sits Letitia Hopsworth-Jubilee (Lettice, for short); aviatrix, botanist, entomologist… hare.

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Lettice recounts her airborne adventures in illustrated journals. The book will be lushly illustrated with over one hundred and fifty watercolour illustrations, painted by yours truly. The story is to be covered in two novels, each heavily illustrated.

Finding herself alone in the large family manor after both her elderly parents pass away, Lettice looks to the world beyond her well-travelled homeland for inspiration. Departing in her father’s converted bomber, Silver Jill, she embarks upon a quest to learn more of her  mother’s little-explored youth, learning an incredible secret along the way. Elusive dragons, living stone creatures, and an uncharted island of unbelievable magic await… Is this what her mother, Amelia, had been searching for?

For Lettice, making a lifelong, equally nerdy friend along the way is a welcome bonus. 

In this blog, I hope to recount my development of this first book, and its companion “Making of” style book. I’ll be sharing works in progress, techniques, developments, failings, the whole shebang. I’ll also share more content over on Patreon

I hope for this first novel to be released in the spring of 2019, or ideally even earlier. We’ll see!


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