Echo is often dusty. She just is. She and her mage help keep a storage room for many kinds of ingredients and supplies, but of course a wolf cannot climb the ladders to the taller shelves so she instead focuses on the sacks of petals and herbs and dried fungi that are kept on the … Continue reading Dusty


Do not judge this book by its scrappy, scarred cover. Nora may look grumpy but she is actually quite a gentle sweetheart, even if she doesn’t like to show it. Her scars are from an accident many years ago, but she was always a tough cookie and seems to have adopted them into part of … Continue reading Nora


Potions are satisfying to make but woof, they can really stink. Not a little stink either, but a proper stink, the kind that makes your head spin and your face hurt and your toes curl. It passes, but many potions have that stage in their brewing where you just want to stop. It’s true of … Continue reading Stink