What a cute spirit, you might think. And yes, it is cute, but it is also one of the most dangerous that has ever been documented. This little creature is, of all things, a Deadly Woundlock spirit. Deadly Woundlock is a plant found in very rare places, usually in the shadowy bases of forest cliffs. … Continue reading Danger


There’s a strange place far to the north, where a great field spreads for miles and miles. It is empty, except for a few kinds of grass and flowers, and the gold-rippled rocks that rise from the meadows at random, seemingly from nowhere. Very little lives on those plains, only small birds and rabbits and … Continue reading Gilded

Unwanted Gifts

City spirits tend not to be beautiful or elegant things. They are scrubby and coarse, the remnants of nature that forces itself through the cobbles or into the shadowy nooks. The shambling spirit here likes to wander the forgotten places, pulling hardy plants from the cracks in the streets or reviving the wildflowers that have … Continue reading Unwanted Gifts


The spirit of Wheatmarsh is a slow, gentle, patient thing. His name is Sogg. He seems more than content to spend his days staring into the water at the tiny little fish beneath the lilies, or watching the families of ducks and other water birds that might decide to join him. Sogg interests many scholars, … Continue reading Sogg

Not Again

Again? This is the fifth time this month I’ve caught this stupid spirit! Oh, you thought spirits were wise and all-knowing and stuff? Apparently not all of ‘em. Apparently some of ‘em are too curious for their own good and have to come and investigate everything that comes to the water’s edge. I’m here trying … Continue reading Not Again


Sometimes unicorns are born from horses and are free-spirited, untameable things. Sometimes unicorns are made by spirits, created as guardians to protect the delicate or rare parts of nature. Just as humans or dwarves or other kin may be granted a piece of a spirit’s realm so they may work magic, horses too may be … Continue reading Lionhearted