When the night stretches on forever, just like this, and the ice spreads to the edges of the world, like it does now, I feel... very odd. What is this world? Does it have an edge? What’s beyond it? Of course I know that it’s just the night sky and just a frozen lake, but … Continue reading Dreamscape


We were quite afraid to meet the spirit of Mellowood, but our fears were misplaced. Thankfully, she is a joyful spirit with a laugh like a babbling brook and a fondness for pranks. It’s tradition to gift her with fruits every now and then, and we were encouraged to go. Maybe we have long misjudged … Continue reading Mellowood


It’s all a matter of perspective, isn’t it? If you’d asked me a week ago what I wanted most in the world, I’d have said something like a good scale cleanser, or maybe a tooth buffing. But after days lost at sea, looking for any trace of land on which to rest, these tiny spires … Continue reading Reconsidered

Only The Brave

You want adventure? I’m your girl. I’ll throw you through the clouds faster than you’d have thought possible. Like an arrow, like a hawk, we zip and weave and loop and soar, and you’d better hold on for dear life if you don’t wanna meet that forest head on. Have I dropped anyone? A few, … Continue reading Only The Brave

One Autumn Day

An autumn spirit and her steed watch over the still woodland. With no winds to rustle the trees and loosen the browning leaves, the forest is near silent. On a bright day as this, the woodland creatures should be gathering and feeding, but none are there. “Where are the animals, Jet?” she asks. The raven … Continue reading One Autumn Day