Master Highbright

As head and founder of this school I, Master Highbright, teach a number of things, though my primary focus always has and always will be on flight. New classes have been added as Masters have introduced them, and more will come, I’m sure, but flight is the primary class that students attend the school for. … Continue reading Master Highbright

Master Lowfang

A firm favourite with the students, Master Lowfang teaches a number of classes such as hunting and flying, but is especially popular because of her more recent class: wrestling. Although wrestling isn’t graded, it is still encouraged to students and often met with joyous applause, for all wild things enjoy a good tussle. The matches … Continue reading Master Lowfang

Master Tundral

Master Tundral is a lithe, swift gryphon, able to perform and teach even the most difficult of manoeuvres. He’s also an exceptionally good fish catcher, sometimes diving so deeply into the lake that his white plumage disappears entirely from view. As much as students like him they are sometimes lost in his lyrical speech and … Continue reading Master Tundral

Master Greysted

Master Greysted teaches a number of the more academic classes such as medicine, but as a successful flyer himself, he also assists with flight classes and foraging classes. With many good years behind him at the school, he’s hoping to retire in a few winters, and has been training a few students to potentially take … Continue reading Master Greysted

Master Blaze

Master Blaze is the youngest Master here at the school. She has a very creative and explorative mind, and enjoys crafting simple tools for the students, including goggles, prosthetics, braces for injured limbs, and so on. For most hours spent out of classes, she can be found working away in her workshop, aglow in the … Continue reading Master Blaze


Everybody has a friend in Jupiter. She’s the most caring, watchful student we’ve ever had, often taking care of the smaller cuts and bruises that may arise in classes. She came to the school hoping to round off her existing skill sets and has absorbed every bit of information presented to her. Her flight and … Continue reading Jupiter


Kitty gryphons adapted to thrive around human settlements, mimicking their tame animals. Though they may look small and cuddly, kitty gryphons retain the wild, proud nature of all gryphons, and will not hesitate to join in a fight. Bran is perhaps the wildest student we’ve ever had, with moods varying in the blink of an … Continue reading Bran


Swift gryphons fly on long migrations every year, crossing continents and oceans and an array of sights many of us can scarcely imagine. Little Robin is an excellent flyer but we must work on their strength and endurance, and on keeping a level head. It is not unusual for brief separations of family groups while … Continue reading Robin