It’s strange how some things can be so alike but so different. Although they are technically their own species, many people consider gryphons loosely to be birds, and certainly they seem more bird-like than mammalian. Gryphons also seem to enjoy the company of smaller birds, especially the ones that travel in groups, and have even … Continue reading Pets


Red doesn’t really speak. He says the odd word here and there, but mostly he communicates with little chirrups and peeps, or just with looks and motions. He just seems to prefer it this way, and one quickly learns to pay attention. At first he may seem detached from conversations or classes, but be assured … Continue reading Expression


Young gryphons moult, and it can be rather funny to see. For a few awkward weeks they shed their soft baby down and grow out their sleek adult plumage, often changing colour as they do so, shifting from pebble-like colourations to more gaudy, showy fineries. Thankfully they tend to see the funny side of the … Continue reading Clarence

Dawn Chorus

Some people might complain about the dawn chorus, when the waking birds begin their usual daily chatter, usually at an undesirable hour. But there are some places where the typical garden birds are joined by families of local gryphons. These far larger creatures with their far louder voices are just as keen to yell at … Continue reading Dawn Chorus

Deep Cold

Gryphons have adapted to all sorts of climates, and one of the more recently discovered species is the Deep Snow Gryphon, a large and imposing kind that lives in the icy oceans of the north-west. They’re rarely seen on land and are often too heavy to walk on the ice sheets, so they drift with … Continue reading Deep Cold


My Joy and I, we’re daredevils. We put on shows all across the land, and complete in challenges for rewards. We’ve dodged around moody dragons, we’ve climbed (with my wings tied) up mountain faces, and we’ve dived to the bottoms of lakes and seas for treasure. Some might say it’s a waste of our magic … Continue reading Daredevils

Not Again

Again? This is the fifth time this month I’ve caught this stupid spirit! Oh, you thought spirits were wise and all-knowing and stuff? Apparently not all of ‘em. Apparently some of ‘em are too curious for their own good and have to come and investigate everything that comes to the water’s edge. I’m here trying … Continue reading Not Again