High Life

The mountain cities are strange places, full of music and bustle and winding streets with shadowy shops and tiny houses. They’re a trek to get to, but worth the effort. Morning brings the quietest hours, when the city rests and recovers from all the night markets and festivals. It is best to arrive then, to … Continue reading High Life

Good Times

I lose track of the years that have passed, and all that happened within them. It’s easy to grow nostalgic at this time of year, and to worry that we’ve not done enough, or broken the promises we made to ourselves, or that we’ve let things slide away. Maybe those things have happened, but it … Continue reading Good Times

Very Kelpful

Kelp is used in all kinds of magic, from weather craft to medicines to gardening. Sometimes folks use it instead of rope or twine when they make any kind of magical tool or equipment, and some folks weave it into baskets for storing suitable ingredients. We grow it special in the loch, where the waters … Continue reading Very Kelpful


Cold? Nah. And don’t worry about the icicles, they make great camouflage. There’s a lot to be said for going against the grain, you know? Every other dragons wants a mountain and some food, but it’s a squabble of claws and fire every few days as a stranger enters the scene. Here, in the cold, … Continue reading Likeminded

Ridgeway Cats

Ridgeway Cats make unusual companions. They can be confrontational things, keen to protect their territories, families, and any objects they deem precious. As mages have no choice in their familiar, it can result in some surprising match-ups. Ridgeways cats make loyal companions and swift allies, capable of driving off even the most bold of wild … Continue reading Ridgeway Cats

Bubbling Broth

This? I’m making a Golden Meadow Broth. It’s mostly used in baths and soaks, for easing tired joints and weary eyes. It’s also highly recommended for soothing chicken pox, insect bites, nettle rashes, that sort of thing. It’s an easy thing to make and can even be done by those without magic, as only one … Continue reading Bubbling Broth


When the night stretches on forever, just like this, and the ice spreads to the edges of the world, like it does now, I feel... very odd. What is this world? Does it have an edge? What’s beyond it? Of course I know that it’s just the night sky and just a frozen lake, but … Continue reading Dreamscape


We were quite afraid to meet the spirit of Mellowood, but our fears were misplaced. Thankfully, she is a joyful spirit with a laugh like a babbling brook and a fondness for pranks. It’s tradition to gift her with fruits every now and then, and we were encouraged to go. Maybe we have long misjudged … Continue reading Mellowood