A New Year

A new year approaches. It’s at times like this that we can feel the old magic of the world, when cycles wake from their rest to turn again. The world is starting anew, as it does each winter, waking in the fresh, cold air. You might see spirits dancing in the wilds tonight, or people … Continue reading A New Year


Nature does many rare things that most of us will never see, but perhaps the strangest and most adored is the circling rope of winds that travel the world sometimes. Clouds get caught in its looping pull, but within the vortex is calm and steady. It makes for excellent flight or sailing, and is seen … Continue reading Caimwinds

All Nestled In

Birds of a feather stick together, right? A lot of gryphons nest on the ground, too big for the trees, but I like to play it safe. I cuddle up high in the boughs with my cute little cousins - or at least, that’s how I think of them. And they seem to value my … Continue reading All Nestled In

Risky Deals

Do not buy or barter from fae. They are fickle and clever, and will trick you of your name or mind or heart. You may walk away not even knowing what you have lost. If a fae attempts to trade with you, thank them but walk away. Even if they offer you what you most … Continue reading Risky Deals


It’s our own fault, really. We advertised ourselves as mages for hire, but failed to specify our areas of... expertise. We guard treasures and dangerous places, or travel with grand sorcerers. That’s the kind of thing we expected. I appreciate that everyone’s idea of “important” varies, and that this one is on us. I envisaged … Continue reading Freelance

Ssspecial Daysss

I love winter holidaysss like thesssse! Lovely cosssy daysss inssside, eating yummy foodsss, sssquishhhing your favourite people. And I get to wear my ssseasssonal sssweater! The holiday don’t gotta be anything fancccy. Ssso long asss I get a niccce pieccce of cherry cake, I’m happy. One of my favourite thingsss isss searching the marketsss throughout … Continue reading Ssspecial Daysss

Good Neighbours

Some folks complain of noisy neighbours, but ours are lovely. And they’re very polite, too, popping around to say hello when the windows are open. Sometimes they get a bit lost and wander in, but they soon find their way out again. It’s real pretty having the plants growing up the walls like this, and … Continue reading Good Neighbours

Walk Away

They say she’s friendly, but we’d rather not find out! Just a walk. That’s all we wanted, was a walk. Of course we’d heard rumours about the great spirit here, and how she walks the woods like a silent ghost, but we’ve never seen her before. And no-one ever said she was that big! Alright, … Continue reading Walk Away