An endless source of energy and enthusiasm, we have no trouble motivating Alika to participate in classes. She is a wonderful flier with a natural ease in the air, soaring steadily and neatly for hours at a time. She is friends with almost everyone, often leading the way and encouraging her fellows to join her. … Continue reading Alika


Amber is a lithe creature from the warm sands east of here. Typically these gryphons need no help with flying, but that is not why she is here. Amber wishes to be an explorer. It is no use to master only the warm winds of the desert if she wishes to travel the world. She … Continue reading Amber


We may as well also speak on Duke’s best friend, and frequent accomplice in the “sun-dazzled” routine, Pan. Many friendships arise when soaring through the air together, but Duke and Pan seem to have a very strong bond, founded mostly in mischief. Pan, thankfully, is the calmer of the two, and because of his multiple … Continue reading Pan


We cannot improve without the odd trip or stumble. Poor Aspa, however, has fallen more than any student I have known before. As a teacher it can be frustrating to watch. Like all of his kin, Cloudtop dragons are naturally very good fliers, sailing on high winds with barely a flap of their wings. For … Continue reading Aspa