On And On

The world seems to go on forever, doesn’t it? And we’re always asking, “what’s over the next hill? And beyond that?” And some day - a long way away, we hope - we know we won’t be able to chase down those answer anymore, so while we’re young, we walk. Oh, we’re not morbid, but … Continue reading On And On


I found my old hat! Can you every believe I was this small, once? I don’t even remember being little. I know I was, but I’ve been an adult for so long now, it seems like such a haze. Oh, I do remember getting stuck behind a wardrobe. I chased a mouse down there and … Continue reading Bully

Mini Makes

So just a drop of mint at the end... easy, squeak! Sometimes you don’t need a lot of something. My mage makes remedies for the big folk, I make ‘em for their familiars. There’s a rodent cold going around, squeak, so I’m trying a few remedies for different sorts. This one is for hedgehogs, squeak. … Continue reading Mini Makes


Illusion magic comes in all forms and can be used for many things, but we prefer a more honest use of it: we are performers in a troupe, and our travelling show captivates. Some of the tricks are magic, it’s true, but our audience knows this. But we also have grace, balance, speed, acrobatics, intelligence. … Continue reading Mesmerising


Be careful with those little garden gryphons. They seem all cute and do tricks and play games, but they’ll steal the jewels off your fingers and your wallet out your pocket, given the chance. The crows are especially cunning, and groups of them will work together to charm tourists while one empties their pockets. The … Continue reading Pickpockets

Feeling Of Flow

You should join us, the water is great! And there ain’t too many jellyfish around here. But there’s a big pod of whales just in the bay, and they’re singing real loud! You might hear them if they come closer. Everything feels lighter in the sea, all bouncy and fun and flowing. I feel like … Continue reading Feeling Of Flow