Sour Hour

No matter how mild-mannered a young dragon typically is, they’re prone to moody swings as they grow and it’s not unusual for a teenage dragon to suddenly become rather grumpy. They can’t help the sudden sour mood. Of course, bad behaviour should be corrected, but no amount of telling them to “cheer up” will change … Continue reading Sour Hour


Every autumn, flocks of dragons pass over the moors as they travel to warmer climates. Often Rover can be seen watching them pass, staring silently with his head tilted to the sky. Is he envious? Does he wonder where they go? He makes no attempt to leave the moor. He could, easily. He could walk … Continue reading Overhead

Pie Alert

Autumn is a time for bounty and fruits and berries, and all the baking and preserving that comes with them, but it is also the time for curious dragon pups to leave their nests and begin their early explorations, hunting for food before the harsh cold of winter claims it all. To have a whole … Continue reading Pie Alert


Some familiars have… unfortunate names. Many are named by excited, giggly children, and that is how we ended up with a dragon named Umbra, short for Umbrella. She was found in the rain, covering her head with her wings as if they were umbrellas and… the name stuck. Familiars can be very sensitive about their … Continue reading Umbrella


It is well known that dragon pups enjoy sweet foods and are often attracted to fruits and berries, but it is always very cute when a dragon’s hoarding instinct kicks in and they decide to hoard autumn’s bounty. It is irresistible to them, and the pups feel compelled to stop whatever they’re doing to gather … Continue reading Plentiful


Hector is a goofball. Thankfully not in an annoying or troublesome way, but he will find something fun in more or less anything. Crystal balls and any other kind of scrying device are often turned into a moment of humour. Some might get annoyed that he is not using the tool properly, but he argues … Continue reading Hector