Good Neighbours

Some folks complain of noisy neighbours, but ours are lovely. And they’re very polite, too, popping around to say hello when the windows are open. Sometimes they get a bit lost and wander in, but they soon find their way out again. It’s real pretty having the plants growing up the walls like this, and … Continue reading Good Neighbours

Good Times

I lose track of the years that have passed, and all that happened within them. It’s easy to grow nostalgic at this time of year, and to worry that we’ve not done enough, or broken the promises we made to ourselves, or that we’ve let things slide away. Maybe those things have happened, but it … Continue reading Good Times


Cold? Nah. And don’t worry about the icicles, they make great camouflage. There’s a lot to be said for going against the grain, you know? Every other dragons wants a mountain and some food, but it’s a squabble of claws and fire every few days as a stranger enters the scene. Here, in the cold, … Continue reading Likeminded


When the night stretches on forever, just like this, and the ice spreads to the edges of the world, like it does now, I feel... very odd. What is this world? Does it have an edge? What’s beyond it? Of course I know that it’s just the night sky and just a frozen lake, but … Continue reading Dreamscape


It’s all a matter of perspective, isn’t it? If you’d asked me a week ago what I wanted most in the world, I’d have said something like a good scale cleanser, or maybe a tooth buffing. But after days lost at sea, looking for any trace of land on which to rest, these tiny spires … Continue reading Reconsidered

Only The Brave

You want adventure? I’m your girl. I’ll throw you through the clouds faster than you’d have thought possible. Like an arrow, like a hawk, we zip and weave and loop and soar, and you’d better hold on for dear life if you don’t wanna meet that forest head on. Have I dropped anyone? A few, … Continue reading Only The Brave

Own Tempo

Can you hear that? No? The quiet of the night is my favourite sound, so still, unchanging, timeless. And if you listen hard enough, you can hear things you’ve never heard before, like the rushing of your pulse, or the whispers of your body, or the deepest, quietest thoughts of your own mind. I find … Continue reading Own Tempo