Chunky is a delight, isn’t he? A scrubby little dog with a wide grin is enough to brighten even the stoniest of hearts. Chunky is optimistic to the point of obliviousness, and his infectious mood spreads to others regardless of how down they might be feeling. He’s not just a happy face, however. Chunky has … Continue reading Chunky

Sow Big

So maybe I can’t spell very well, but I can sure keep a garden! Look at these seedlings, I only planted them yesterday! Dug the soil up myself with my own scrappy paws. We’ve got huge grand “pumpkings” and mighty corn and these… These Golden Giant potatoes will be the heart of the midwinter feast… … Continue reading Sow Big


This book was supposed to be written for a variety of familiars, by a variety of familiars, but I don’t think that’s entirely true… The book only describes these mushrooms by colour. How am I supposed to identify safe mushrooms from dangerous ones by colour alone? Doggy eyes don’t see all colours! Tell me what … Continue reading Senseless