There’s a strange place far to the north, where a great field spreads for miles and miles. It is empty, except for a few kinds of grass and flowers, and the gold-rippled rocks that rise from the meadows at random, seemingly from nowhere. Very little lives on those plains, only small birds and rabbits and … Continue reading Gilded


The mage that runs this bookshop barely says a word. He’s very shy. But his debonair familiar more than makes up for any quietness. Sure, Chester can only speak in meows, but he’s so confident and at ease that you don’t really need words, he just makes sense. That is the magic of some animals, … Continue reading Chester


I am not clumsy! It’s not my fault that these glass bottles are hard for my soft, smooth, lovely paws to grasp. I’m trying to be helpful and gather what I need but what else can I do? Okay, yes, I did spill that potion yesterday, also. And I dropped that basket of wimbleweed. And … Continue reading Clumsy