Sour Hour

No matter how mild-mannered a young dragon typically is, they’re prone to moody swings as they grow and it’s not unusual for a teenage dragon to suddenly become rather grumpy. They can’t help the sudden sour mood. Of course, bad behaviour should be corrected, but no amount of telling them to “cheer up” will change … Continue reading Sour Hour


Spitfire is a fierce companion. He may be tiny but he is brave, bold, and frankly oblivious to how diminutive he is. He’ll dive-bomb anyone and anything that agitates him or crosses his boundaries. It’s cute because he’s so tiny and harmless, but he really needs to learn some self control. One day he might … Continue reading Spitfire


Red doesn’t really speak. He says the odd word here and there, but mostly he communicates with little chirrups and peeps, or just with looks and motions. He just seems to prefer it this way, and one quickly learns to pay attention. At first he may seem detached from conversations or classes, but be assured … Continue reading Expression


A mane full of decorations is not to Brawn’s personal taste, but when his mage has a three-year-old who likes to play dress-up, he finds himself being festooned in trinkets and adornments. Some might get alarmed to imagine a small child playing with a great big lion, but familiars are not pets, nor are they … Continue reading Festooned


Jasper is an eclectic gatherer. He might look cute, he might laugh in rough little crow cackles, but he has a habit of dive-bombing through the trees to snatch a treat, to grasp at a berry or nut or herb, startling anyone in the vicinity as he goes. Sometimes he gets tangled in the branches … Continue reading Jasper


It is well known that dragon pups enjoy sweet foods and are often attracted to fruits and berries, but it is always very cute when a dragon’s hoarding instinct kicks in and they decide to hoard autumn’s bounty. It is irresistible to them, and the pups feel compelled to stop whatever they’re doing to gather … Continue reading Plentiful