There are small communities of pegusi that live alongside people, befriending them and carrying them. Bella is the first of this sort to join the school and has been the source of many an interesting fact or idea. Bella simply wishes to look after her human friend, a she-pup with soft words and always an … Continue reading Bella


Swampwaders are not the most graceful flyers, and alongside his peers Bree can look a little less graceful. We can say it doesn’t matter because the flight is good, but to Bree it does matter, and that is a significant hurdle to overcome. Swampwaders are covered in reeds and looping shapes to help them blend … Continue reading Bree


Tulla is also a very calm and casual student. When not in classes she is often found melting in the sunlight like a pool of shimmering gold, eyes half shut lazily. That doesn’t mean she’s not listening, however. Masters have routinely tried to catch her out, believing her to be dozing in class discussions, but … Continue reading Tulla


Sahara comes from the hottest, driest deserts of the western continent. Her kin, the Dunedivers, spend their days bathing in sunlight, and then sink into the heat of the sands during the cold nights. As such, poor little Sahara has no tolerance for the cold and spends all of her time wrapped up in whatever … Continue reading Sahara


Rarely seen, float dragons tend to drift through the high winds in family groups, using their inner fires to rise and fall. Some youngsters, like Marlin here, struggle to maintain altitude, or to lower when needed. Much like the wingless dragons of the mountains, the float dragons need concentration and calm to control their rise … Continue reading Marlin


Hooper, much like Pumpkin, joined the school to improve his travel and cartography skills, but found his focus attracted not to the larger picture, but to the smaller moments in a landscape. Rather than mapping the larger world as a whole, he has found a passion for documenting the interesting waterfalls or caves or ruins, … Continue reading Hooper


Some students can only attend classes at certain times of the year, for a multitude of reasons, and one such student is Fylkir, an ice dragon from the deepest snows of the north. He can only attend classes in the winter months, or his icy armour will melt away and take an age to regrow. … Continue reading Fylkir


Flynn hatched with one wing full, the other one not. But he’s a daring sort, and he simply wandered into a human settlement, looked cute and friendly, and had the adoring locals make him a wing of metal and leather. It can hold him for glides and a few flaps on calm days, but Master … Continue reading Flynn


From tall and misty mountains we get Soo-Min, a cheerful youth with a sturdy grasp of her flight and various survival skills. She has one problem, however, and it is an unusual reverse of many youngsters’ struggles: once aloft, she often cannot get down again. Her flight seems to come from being happy in company, … Continue reading Soo-Min


In contrast to Rocket, Pablo does not want to be at the school. Although his flying is perfectly acceptable, he was sent here by his parents as his skills failed to develop to their liking, and as he is the oldest student here, he feels self-conscious and awkward. We try to be sympathetic to his … Continue reading Pablo