Every autumn, flocks of dragons pass over the moors as they travel to warmer climates. Often Rover can be seen watching them pass, staring silently with his head tilted to the sky. Is he envious? Does he wonder where they go? He makes no attempt to leave the moor. He could, easily. He could walk … Continue reading Overhead


Kiwi is a cheerful sort, always singing, always dancing. While familiars can rarely speak in human tongues, Kiwi can manage a few lines of conversation and several catchy songs, making her very popular with the younger people she meets. She and her mage are healers in a rural area and sick children are not so … Continue reading Kiwi


The mage that runs this bookshop barely says a word. He’s very shy. But his debonair familiar more than makes up for any quietness. Sure, Chester can only speak in meows, but he’s so confident and at ease that you don’t really need words, he just makes sense. That is the magic of some animals, … Continue reading Chester

Unwanted Gifts

City spirits tend not to be beautiful or elegant things. They are scrubby and coarse, the remnants of nature that forces itself through the cobbles or into the shadowy nooks. The shambling spirit here likes to wander the forgotten places, pulling hardy plants from the cracks in the streets or reviving the wildflowers that have … Continue reading Unwanted Gifts


Milo is a Long-Haired Blonde Curl rabbit. Because he’s all soft and cuddly looking, people expect his temperament to be much the same but on the contrary, he’s actually quite the rapscallion.  Milo has a fondness of pranks and tricks and is not shy about who he targets. Only last week he managed to trick … Continue reading Soft

Out Of Place

There are hidden worlds within worlds. Take this spirit, for example – a spirit of a country garden, a small, observant, mild-mannered being. Some think it odd that a much-loved, well-kept, flower-festooned garden would take the form of a snake, instead assuming it would be a garden bird, or a deer, perhaps. A bunny. Sometimes … Continue reading Out Of Place