These were big trees, all right. Here in the wastelands tower the lingering carcasses of the grandest trees. Not much is known about them, as even the spirits are too young to remember. Every scrap of fallen wood has long been repurposed and crafted into something else, leaving only these mysterious stumps, so hard and … Continue reading Treemendous


Strangers? On my mountains? Curious. Oh, travellers may come and go as they please, I am no tyrant here, but the jumbling slopes themselves have seen off many a wanderer. The hills are alive, they say, with grumbling, booming voices and a constant shuffling of their great grey shoulders. I hear them under the moaning … Continue reading Listen

Winter Wild

Deep winter. So cumbersome and heavy and thick, digging into earth and bone alike. It clouds your brain and eyes, it muffles your senses and gnaws at your deepest flesh. Winter is a test we must all endure. But the world must sleep. The trees must rest, the soil must heal, it cannot always be … Continue reading Winter Wild


Magic leaves its mark. No magic is good or bad, only the intention behind it. But magic has an order, a balance, and when that balance is abused, it can create something equally skewed. These formless, changeable things hunt magic - it made them, it is the life of these creatures. Commonly they’re too weak … Continue reading Askew

Soak It Up

Everyone knows mushrooms are good for potions, but you gotta be careful to use the right ones. Some are poisonous, real poisonous, but that’s not the only trouble... you see, mushrooms soak up all the power from the world around them with their fine roots and hold it in their caps. So if the ground … Continue reading Soak It Up