One Autumn Day

An autumn spirit and her steed watch over the still woodland. With no winds to rustle the trees and loosen the browning leaves, the forest is near silent. On a bright day as this, the woodland creatures should be gathering and feeding, but none are there. “Where are the animals, Jet?” she asks. The raven … Continue reading One Autumn Day

In The Shadows

Focus in the shadows and you might catch a glimpse of a tiny world, lost to the eye in a crowd of shapes and colours. Tiny fae, smaller than your smallest fingernail, share our world from a very different perspective. They go about their way while we go about our own, oblivious to their shrunken … Continue reading In The Shadows

Red For Danger

Despite how frequently we may see it in arts and crafts, red dragons are actually rather rare. It’s a bold colour, too bold for hunting beasts, and sadly prized for its appearance by illegal traders. Mature dragons typically grow earthy colours to their scales; moss greens and sandy yellows and cool, angular greys. Blue is … Continue reading Red For Danger

Origin Story

Oh! The guardian of the Moorland! It’s unusual to see him up close like this. Nobody’s really sure if he’s a spirit or not. Is he just a sheep covered in heather? Is he a familiar, living apart from his mage for whatever reason? Or is he the Moorland itself, risen from the stretching hills … Continue reading Origin Story

Own Tempo

Can you hear that? No? The quiet of the night is my favourite sound, so still, unchanging, timeless. And if you listen hard enough, you can hear things you’ve never heard before, like the rushing of your pulse, or the whispers of your body, or the deepest, quietest thoughts of your own mind. I find … Continue reading Own Tempo

Pond Gryphons

Another kind of city gryphon is the pond gryphon. These docile looking things paddle along in little groups, eating fish, some berries and fruits, and all the offered bread and pastries they could ever eat. But do not think them lazy or idle, for these gryphons partake of a great migration every autumn and spring, … Continue reading Pond Gryphons