The Mill Keeper

Spirits typically rise from entirely organic, natural things, often trees or rocks or rivers, old and established, seated deeply as important parts of the landscape. But the mill in Peakton Village has given rise to a particularly unusual kind of spirit – one that has risen from a manufactured structure. It’s true that the mill … Continue reading The Mill Keeper

Sow Big

So maybe I can’t spell very well, but I can sure keep a garden! Look at these seedlings, I only planted them yesterday! Dug the soil up myself with my own scrappy paws. We’ve got huge grand “pumpkings” and mighty corn and these… These Golden Giant potatoes will be the heart of the midwinter feast… … Continue reading Sow Big

Slow Life

The spirit of the Steaming Chasm is an eerie thing. It’s quiet and slow and barely moves at all, always watching, always listening. Many are frightened of it, and few will enter the caves leading to the chasm for fear of finding it walking the tunnels. Sometimes, there are strange, echoing songs coming from deep … Continue reading Slow Life

Mud Bath

Oh! Oh, how divine! How sublime! This steaming broth of comfort, all mine! You might think dragon scales to be hardened and calloused, but it’s best to keep them smooth and supple. They’re still hard enough to keep claws and teeth at bay, but soft enough to live in, soft enough to bend and flex, … Continue reading Mud Bath