Sky High

There’s nothing better than a gentle soar through the high white clouds... now that I’m used to it, anyway, yip. When I was a pup and Willow was first practicing, it wasn’t so relaxing. Oh, we crashed into all kinds of places, yip. We got stuck in trees and on rooftops, we got whirled away … Continue reading Sky High


This is a lot of books for one semester of school. The folks without magic think that magic is easy, and it’s not. Nature may give you a piece of herself so you may work the magic, but you still have to study it and make it. It’s tiring both mentally and physically, with over … Continue reading Lucky

Dangerous Work

Few mages use their magic for combat because of the stigma. Magic is a gift from Nature, many say, and should be treated with respect. But Nature can also be harsh when needed, and some like us believe that at times magic must be used for deeds some would consider violent. We are bounty hunters, … Continue reading Dangerous Work

Healing Sleep

The wild dragons mostly keep to themselves, neither friend nor foe to the world of men-kind. When need arises, however, it is not unheard of for dragons to seek the aid of mages and healers, as some ailments need a little more attention and learning. This sleepy pup has a fever and has slept for … Continue reading Healing Sleep

Face Value

Sometimes what we see is not what’s really there. Spirits, in particular, use disguises and masks to hide their true identity, and it is our response to their guises that these spirits judge. Do you recoil in fear, or wait for action before choosing your next path? As much as a spirit may try to … Continue reading Face Value


Fae folk are so varied. Some look and act like common men or dwarves, while others can be as tiny as a bee, darting under the shining leaves. Or perhaps all fae can be either, and can change at will? I’ve seen a few like this around the garden, gathering the swelling berries before the … Continue reading Houseguests