Such a timid thing. I’ve never seen a dragon pup so nervous of the world. He wasn’t afraid, that was the wrong word, but he was cautious, aware of everything. It was clear from his preference of company that he was to be someone’s familiar, for we could not keep him out of the school. … Continue reading Timid

Pretty Handy

No familiar is a waste. None are let-downs or runners up. Familiars are always exactly what a mage needs in a companion, even if they do not know it. Sure, I’m little and soft and terribly cute, and in the eyes of many, that’s all I’ll ever be. To my mage, Lim, the esteemed brewer … Continue reading Pretty Handy

Always Welcome

I had wondered why several great rings of mushrooms had sprung up on the grounds recently. A new neighbour has moved in, it seems. It’s nice to see. The secret creatures left for a while, as the house was built, but one by one they’re returning, bringing their little mysteries with them. This one brings … Continue reading Always Welcome

In Dew Time

“I’ll find one, one day,” she peeped, tracing the routes between the stems as she always did, her tail whipping back and forth for balance. “Ma says she found one, when she was younger.” “There are too many clover heads to check,” I call after her, but she’s gone, a streak of green-gold in the … Continue reading In Dew Time

Influencial Family

North, far north, lies a cave with glittering sides and shimmering heights. Too deep and long for all but the wisest cavers, the lofty caverns and passages will consume a wandering traveller. There are some that live in the caves, hiding in plain sight. Most are small; insects and bats, small reptiles, perhaps. But others … Continue reading Influencial Family