Wash Up

We found a young river troll! Ain’t he cute? There have been some big storms recently, and the river burst it banks for miles across these flatlands. We found this little guy a good mile or so from the river, wandering in the rain on his own. When the rains stop and the water drops … Continue reading Wash Up


They called him Bigpig but I didn’t think they meant it so... literally. When we first saw him we were pretty scared, I’ll admit. But he’s a big softy really, behind all those bristles and tusks. Apparently he was a real boar, a regular ol’ animal who chose to fight away the encroaching elves - … Continue reading Bigpig

Sweeping Dawn

Today’s the day, today’s the day! I could barely sleep, I could barely sit still! Today’s the day my Suki learns to fly a broom! And look, a perfect bright day for classes! I’ve been so patient for so long, but finally we can soar and laugh together in the wide skies. If I were … Continue reading Sweeping Dawn

Worlds Away

I’m not sure what my favourite book is, yet. It changes with each passing day, each new chapter started, each adventure completed. If a book takes me away for hours at a time, or if it makes me wonder and think, or if it makes me sad for someone I’ve never met and never will … Continue reading Worlds Away

Pell Cliffs

The cliff face of the Pell Uplands watches over the valley beyond, its rocky mask set in a look of comfort. This spirit is a kindly old thing, taking care of the growing town that has emerged at its foothills, protecting them from rockfalls. Another unusual power of the cliff face spirit is to control … Continue reading Pell Cliffs

The Paths Between

Dwarves may well come from the darkness of the caves, but that doesn’t meant they’re all at ease with it. Those born on the surface, like Rick and I, find the dark and narrow tunnels full of uncertainties. The cities and towns are beautiful, it’s true, but the long, winding pathways between are not so … Continue reading The Paths Between