Oh, that’s Peat, don’t mind him. He’s the enormous spirit of the heath, but he’s very shy and no-one really gets close to him. He often seems to think we can’t see him through the mists but… well, we can. Long ago there used to be quite a few Peats. It’s unusual for a magical … Continue reading Peat


Do not judge this book by its scrappy, scarred cover. Nora may look grumpy but she is actually quite a gentle sweetheart, even if she doesn’t like to show it. Her scars are from an accident many years ago, but she was always a tough cookie and seems to have adopted them into part of … Continue reading Nora


Sometimes a very rare thing happens, when a familiar is quite clearly intended for a purpose, and in the case of Tyler and Ted, that purpose is quite clear. Though presently still students of the night sky, it will be interesting to see what comes of their efforts when they are both fully trained. Tyler … Continue reading Stargazers