While it’s not necessary to make your magic decorative or pretty, many choose to add the additional flourishes. Often it is simply a smoke bomb or a splash of dragon dust thrown in for effect, but it makes the experience more enjoyable for those doing it, and for any spectators. Brighteye and her mage often … Continue reading Flair


Some students can only attend classes at certain times of the year, for a multitude of reasons, and one such student is Fylkir, an ice dragon from the deepest snows of the north. He can only attend classes in the winter months, or his icy armour will melt away and take an age to regrow. … Continue reading Fylkir

Swept Up

We make brooms! Big brooms, little brooms, training brooms, racing brooms, fireproof brooms, arctic brooms, delivery brooms, multi-passenger brooms, you name it, we make it. Sweeping brooms? No, not those. It’s my job to gather the wood. I’m real good at that. I go into the forest and find suitable branches, then I carry them … Continue reading Swept Up

Risk Assessment

“Hey, Rocket,” I hear them call across the grass, “you wanna come see that hornet bear by the greenhouses?” Oh man, did I ever. Rumours had spread like wildfire about the beast; a terrible brute with claws to slice through logs, and a stinger to match. We’d planned to find it together, but my kid, … Continue reading Risk Assessment