Flynn hatched with one wing full, the other one not. But he’s a daring sort, and he simply wandered into a human settlement, looked cute and friendly, and had the adoring locals make him a wing of metal and leather. It can hold him for glides and a few flaps on calm days, but Master … Continue reading Flynn


Another very young student here is Rocket. We thought, at first, he was maybe too young for school, but even if he is, he seems to be enjoying it regardless. He turned up on his own one day and nobody had the heart to send him away. It must be said that Rocket is utterly … Continue reading Rocket


Ruby is an elegant creature, of a ruling bloodline in her homeland mountains. You may think, to look at her, that she would be a lofty sort but, despite her jewels and adornments, she is nearly always the first to dive headlong into the mud. Her parents expect a clean and tidy heir but here, … Continue reading Ruby


Milton is an observant gatherer. Even on standard flying classes he’ll take a backpack to fill with his findings, and a number of boxes and bags of things already stand neatly packed around his nest. His mother is the healer of his grassland flock, and he has picked up many good habits from her. The … Continue reading Milton


As the world has been shaped and tamed by the human-folk, some creatures have adapted to mimic it, such as the gargoyle-like city dragons, and the farmhouse gryphons. This particular sort of gryphon have adopted the name of “ gryphen”, largely for the pun. Rhode is a prankster, through and through, and will take on … Continue reading Rhode

I Return!

Bonjour all! After many months, I finally return! The Here Be Dragons Kickstarter in April and May ate far more voraciously into my time than I ever thought it would, and I've struggle to catch up since. Fern fox plushies, many commissioned watercolour pieces and The Rescue Chickens Save Christmas were my main priorities, but … Continue reading I Return!