Home Delivery

Good morning, I brought your groceries! I’m the new delivery boy. Don’t worry, I’m very good, I didn’t eat anything on the way over. I didn’t even lick ‘em. And I picked the brightest apples and the freshest pears. And I washed my paws before touching anything. I’m real good. Same again tomorrow? Of course, … Continue reading Home Delivery


Lochwyrms can grow to unfathomable sizes and live for uncountable years, but they all start as tiny hatchlings with curious eyes and an urge to explore. Traversing the land can be hard for them, and with rivers and streams replaced by roads, or filled with nets, or dammed altogether, the wyrms cannot roam as they … Continue reading Lochwyrms

New Coat

Drink the potion, they said. It’ll help your headache, they said. Funnily enough, being swamped in fur and sparkles has not done much to help my headache. It’s hard, being a teacher. Oh, it’ll wear off in an hour or two, I know, and at least the fluff is soft. It’s a harmless joke and … Continue reading New Coat

Feeling Of Flow

You should join us, the water is great! And there ain’t too many jellyfish around here. But there’s a big pod of whales just in the bay, and they’re singing real loud! You might hear them if they come closer. Everything feels lighter in the sea, all bouncy and fun and flowing. I feel like … Continue reading Feeling Of Flow

The Elder

I always thought I was big, that I was one of the largest in this world. I can carry five grown humans without complaint. I can topple trees, move landslides, fight churning seas, but I’ve never felt as small as I do when the elder is near. He travels the world, never staying still. He’s … Continue reading The Elder


There was a big storm the other night. I only hatched in the spring, and I’d never heard a storm before. It was like a big dragon crashing rocks down on the world. I wasn’t scared though. Not much. But look, it knocked all the apples from the trees! Some of them are okay to … Continue reading Windfall