Healing Sleep

The wild dragons mostly keep to themselves, neither friend nor foe to the world of men-kind. When need arises, however, it is not unheard of for dragons to seek the aid of mages and healers, as some ailments need a little more attention and learning. This sleepy pup has a fever and has slept for … Continue reading Healing Sleep

Coming Of Age

At four years, most dragons are old enough and strong enough to make their autumn and spring migrations on their own. The summer skies are full of practicing fledges, long limbed and bright eyed and keen to show their stuff. Many have already been flying for a while, and may well have covered some of … Continue reading Coming Of Age

Things To Do

Running little errands is great fun. I get to wander into town on my own and see loads of people, all the grown ups and kids too young for school or apprenticeships, magical or otherwise. Today I’ve got to go to the herbalist for some scrubweed, teawax and faerie cider, then to the chemist for … Continue reading Things To Do

High Summer

A river ran here once, winding its way between the harder stone, leaving tables of flat land to bake in the high sun. Naturally these plateaus have become homes for the brave and solitary, ourselves included. Winters are hard, but the summers... with the call of birds and insects in the static river of trees … Continue reading High Summer

Four Paths

Master Crusoe is not as old as he looks, but all the young familiars see him as this wise and worldly creature, unfathomably deep in experience and personality. The truth is, Master Crusoe is a mild dragon who, like his mage, Master Robinson, favours the calming properties of wind and water. Most folks see dragons … Continue reading Four Paths


For the first months of my life I have lived in the homely dorm of my girl, Ash, but with the summer holidays upon us we’ve returned to her parents, and for the first time in my life I’ve encountered a large mirror. I’ve never seen myself before... Look at my scales, they’re a happy … Continue reading Reflections