Such a timid thing. I’ve never seen a dragon pup so nervous of the world. He wasn’t afraid, that was the wrong word, but he was cautious, aware of everything. It was clear from his preference of company that he was to be someone’s familiar, for we could not keep him out of the school. … Continue reading Timid

Blind Watcher

Crystalssssss. Earth itself grown anew, rising, creeping, inching through the rock and stone to shine in the dark. Gems both give and take, storing and reflecting energy, making it a clear choice for some of the magical arts. But not all are chosen, no. Not all who seek my gems will pass my judgement, not … Continue reading Blind Watcher

Drift Away

Restless? Itchy? Cold flushes? Sounds like your little dragon needs some of Alyosius Swoop’s Dream Tonic! A few drops before rest will calm the irritated skin of conditions such as Wingwart, Redscale Fever and Shidderskins. Drift away without delay into the most comfortable sleep your scaly friend has had in a long time! (Not available … Continue reading Drift Away