All Swept Up

No. No! Go around! I’ve just swept this bit! You watched me finish this patch of dust and now you wanna drag your filthy boots all over it? No. Go around the back or I’ll bite your knees. It’s autumn, and the paths are full of pretty leaves and shiny nuts... and dirt. Mush. Rotting … Continue reading All Swept Up


Strangers? On my mountains? Curious. Oh, travellers may come and go as they please, I am no tyrant here, but the jumbling slopes themselves have seen off many a wanderer. The hills are alive, they say, with grumbling, booming voices and a constant shuffling of their great grey shoulders. I hear them under the moaning … Continue reading Listen

Snack Attack

Uh-oh. Perhaps I shouldn’t have eaten those pretty berries... You know how it is. You’re trying to be good and to eat sensibly, so you reward yourself with a healthy treat like juicy ripe berries... but I should have checked the books before eating something quite so enticing. I can’t help it, dragons like shiny … Continue reading Snack Attack

Serpent Secret

Nobody believes us. We said there’s a serpent here, hiding in the lake, but as none of the adults have seen it, of course we must be daydreaming. But see, it’s here now, just bold enough to peek above the still surface. It’s a type from far away, so we’re not sure how it got … Continue reading Serpent Secret


Just like people, some dragons can be very shy. Jet here is rather bashful around new people, keeping his eyes to himself far above the heads of his company. His mage does all the talking, although very few people can understand the growling language of dragons anyway. All mages can understand their familiar’s voice, to … Continue reading Speechcraft