Dragons very much enjoy fields. Summer days with strong winds and an array of scents in the air are the best kinds of days for dragons, and it’s not uncommon to see dragons with their wings outstretched in fields as if flying, but without the effort. They will face into the wind and lift their … Continue reading Uplift

Ruby Racers

Many adult dragons have humble, natural pelts, often in sandy yellows and earthy browns and sleepy greens. But Ruby Racers are an unusually bold sort with bright red scales and almost no patterning, making them especially striking. These compact dragons typically grow no larger than a common horse but are some of the fastest fliers … Continue reading Ruby Racers

Long Haul

It’s my first trip away and I’m excited! I’ve never been on a boat before, or over any water, or that far from home. My mage and I, we’re going to train with Master Foddle, an expert in navigation as well as seacraft and weathercraft. We wanna do lots of travelling and sight-seeing, though hopefully … Continue reading Long Haul


There are some very intimidating looking dragons on the sandy hills around here, but do not be too wary of them. Though wild, they’re often quiet and still, simply basking in the sunshine or tending their shifting nests. You may hear them sing along with the winds, too – a high, bird-like trill around the … Continue reading Deceptive