Inuki Books is the publishing platform of artist and author, Elizabeth-Rose Best (Rosie for short). Founded in 2015, the little home-run enterprise focuses on fantasy stories for young teens through to adults.

From childhood, I have always loved the idea of writing and illustrating my own books. I would create my own stories (mostly about dogs, because dogs are amazing) and then illustrate them (which meant drawing the dogs, of course). In 2010, when I was 21, I finally put my mind to creating a completed work, and five years later, the first book of The Naiad Chronicles was released. 

Self-publishing became such a liberating joy – I can write whatever I want! How cool is that? My mind started churning, wondering how far this could go… What’s to stop this from becoming more than just self-publishing? Could this one day be my life-long career? I hope so, and that is what I strive for.

Many filmmakers, animators, gamers, all sorts, have built their own studios from scratch, dissatisfied with the norms of existing businesses. Could Inuki Books become an independent studio, producing works from the heart? Let’s see!

For a little more personal waffle: I’m Rosie. Hi! Thanks for joining me. Born in Yorkshire, northern England, I now live in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Two of my teenage years were also spent in Auckland, New Zealand. 

Though trained in design, my first job was as a crafter, making custom plush toys for collectors. As The Naiad Chronicles took over both my time and my passion, my focus shifted back to that childhood dream of illustrating my own stories. Considering my next steps after TNC, another story rose from the messy thoughts of my noggin, and Lettice was born.

Now, while finishing the final book of The Naiad Chronicles quartet, I’m also illustrating Silver Jill, a fantasy novel following the adventures of aviatrix hare, Lettice, as she travels in her late father’s repurposed military bomber. This novel, though notably shorter in text than TNC’s volumes, makes up for it with 150+ watercolour illustrations. It is also the first of two instalments… I have a lot of painting to do…