What a cute spirit, you might think. And yes, it is cute, but it is also one of the most dangerous that has ever been documented. This little creature is, of all things, a Deadly Woundlock spirit. Deadly Woundlock is a plant found in very rare places, usually in the shadowy bases of forest cliffs.  Brushing against a single leaf can make full grown adults very sick, and if used in potions or cookery often results in worse.

The spirit didn’t ask to be this deadly. It just is. It became what it is one day and now spends its life running around keeping people away from the plant that made it. Touch the spirit and you’ll be affected by the plant’s poisons, and the spirit can’t do much to help you. Naturally it keeps itself away from people, especially children who might attempt to hug it. Should you ever meet this spirit, or one like it, just wave from a polite distance and keep away from the dangerous plants it guards.

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