A Fair Trade

If ever you find yourself harassed by bees and wasps and flies when out on a picnic, remember this advice – offer the grass fae a treat and they’ll keep the bugs in order. Fae often have some control over the insects around them, and grass fae have been known to send larger bugs out to plunder picnics for tasty meals, especially anything sweet. If a little sacrifice is made in advance, your picnic might go much more smoothly.

Set a few goodies on a small plate and set it on the edge of your blanket or table, then turn your back on it. Leave it unattended and the fae will consider it theirs. Some fae may just take the offering, but others may well leave gifts in exchange, such as flowers or berries, or maybe even things they’ve found, like coins or bottle caps (which are actually very useful to such tiny folk).  Some might even leave little handwritten notes, but tiny fae handwriting is very hard to read.

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