Baby Locks

It’s not uncommon for young dragons to have fur rather than spines. When a half dozen or more soft-scaled babies are flopped all over each other in a nest, it makes sense to not be too spiky. As they age the fur will shed to make way for scales and spines, though some species do keep their fancy do. Peppermint is rather fond of his incredibly thick mane, and he enjoys keeping it clean and glossy. It’s unusual for the fur to not match the scales in colour, so Pepper’s dense golden locks are quite eye-catching.

Oddly none of his siblings have such hair. They have scrappy puppy fur in dull colours to hide them in the grass and dirt, but none are so dazzling as Pepper. Some might suppose it’s the magic of familiars, given that Pepper is a familiar and his siblings are wild, but maybe he’s just got an impressive do. Regardless, he seems very happy with his look and thankfully does not seem to be shedding it any time soon.

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