Different Approach

Gryphons are very graceful fliers, often outpacing and outmanoeuvring dragons. They ride the wind like an autumn leaf, drifting in the lightest breeze. But with flight being so easy and efficient, gryphons often end up seeking excitement in other places, and are one of the few creatures to actively seek out sport.

Climbing is quite a common starting point, and even hatchlings can be seen scaling mountains or cliffs. They set themselves rules – no wings, no gliding to a safer path, and so on. Sometimes concerned passers-by may wonder if a gryphon is stuck or trapped, especially when they’re seen resting under crags or dangling from roots but fear not, it is almost impossible to trap a gryphon.

Once climbing is mastered, they often take to swimming, diving, to storm-chasing, even “skiing” down snowy slopes or riding avalanches.

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