Always Ready

Tortoise familiars are very unusual, but very friendly and fun. Some might consider their slower natures somewhat of a limitation, but not so – Frank loves to fly, to sail, to ride in backpacks or on wagons or simply to be carried under one arm. If he needs to travel alone, he has a little skateboard that he favours where the roads allow. If all else fails, he simply walks. It might take a while, but he has patience and endurance and will get there eventually.

Perhaps because of the safety of his shell, Frank has almost no fear when out and about on his own, be it on foot, on cart, on broom or wing. He seems very content to go with the flow and enjoy the moment as best as he can. His shell, however, brings one problem – he hates passing over deep water because he cannot swim. He and his mage are presently working on a buoyancy aid to be worn over his shell.

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