Heard But Not Seen

There is a very rare kind of dragon that lives at the very peaks of mountains, overlooking grand canyons and wide, flat plains. They’re rarely seen and even if someone lives their whole life at the foothills of such a mountain, they may never catch a glimpse of their shadowy neighbour. Easily, though, they will hear them.

These dark, tempestuous dragons roar in a short, shard, earth-shattering blast like a crack of lightning. It rumbles around the mountains and valleys like the boom of thunder and can carry for miles upon miles. Even on days with bright skies and still winds, travellers on the roads below may find themselves running for cover in fright as these unseen beasts call out over their territories. They tend to retreat somewhere private at the sight of strangers in their lands, so few have ever met these thunder dragons but the few that have note them as being curious, watchful and, if approached, friendly.

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