Milo is a Long-Haired Blonde Curl rabbit. Because he’s all soft and cuddly looking, people expect his temperament to be much the same but on the contrary, he’s actually quite the rapscallion.  Milo has a fondness of pranks and tricks and is not shy about who he targets. Only last week he managed to trick the same Master four time with a whoopee cushion. Mostly his antics are harmless and generally met with amusement. Only once did he get into serious trouble, when he accidentally flooded and entire classroom. He only meant to cause a minor panic with an overflow, but he forgot about it until it was much, much too late.

While he’s perhaps a little more controlled in classes these days, Milo is still very much the prankster and that seems very unlikely to change any time soon. If you ever find soggy moss in your shoes, or smelly flowers in your bag, or an explosion of butterflies when you take your hat off (don’t ask how he got them under there without you noticing, he won’t share his secrets) then you know that Milo is about.

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