The spirit of Wheatmarsh is a slow, gentle, patient thing. His name is Sogg. He seems more than content to spend his days staring into the water at the tiny little fish beneath the lilies, or watching the families of ducks and other water birds that might decide to join him.

Sogg interests many scholars, because he quite literally rose from the ground one day. He just… grew up like a bamboo shoot. In his body are all the layers of soil and clay and peat and rock, making him a living, walking record of history. His feet are theorised to be tens of thousands of years old, while his upper body is softer and newer, full of stripes of waterlogged clay and earth. Although Sogg may not speak or interact much with the people around him, sometimes he will share is apparently effortless wisdom – if an item is found in the marshes, an artefact from hundreds or thousands of years ago, Sogg may well point to one of his own layers, indicating where it might have rested if not disturbed.

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