Bright Eyes

The wild forest cats of the mountain slopes can make brave and devoted familiars, but as is common with many wild animal familiars, they can struggle with the more domestic side of life. Jikki loves her mage and loves being a familiar, and while she can scale a full fir tree in the blink of an eye or tackle a creature far larger than herself, she is easily spooked by the sound of a cart rattling by, or of loud voices from somewhere unseen, or the clamour of a busy harbour.

Some have even been unkind enough to deem her cowardly, but that seems unreasonable. For a creature of the wilds, the world of folk is an alien and overwhelming thing. None of it is predictable, none of it easy. It’s smelly and noisy and hard and cold. She was built for trees and snow, not cobbles and houses.

Jikki and her mage live on the edge of the town, where Jikki is easily able to scamper away into the woodlands when she needs to refresh.  It’s not all bad, I’ve been assured – she has made good friends with several of the traders and often runs into town in the early mornings to be greeted with treats and snacks. Her confidence grows as she finds how to tackle the busier town life, and one day she’ll stop being afraid.

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