Kelp Drakes

Despite many dragons being quite carnivorous in nature, there are some that have developed a more versatile lifestyle, and kelp drakes are one such sort. They live in the warm waters around the coast and cruise along with the currents, munching on seaweed, sea grass, and sometimes even coming onto land to graze on a wider variety. Sometimes they have been seen with a fish or shellfish, but that seems to be quite uncommon.

They’re docile and gentle and will often approach families playing on the beaches, especially if there is a picnic involved. Kelp drakes have been known to mimic human words and phrases, though it is apparent that they have no real idea what they are saying, as one approached a man and his dog and announced, “Out of stock! No deliveries until Monday!” Most likely this had been called from a shipping vessel to a dock, and the drake assumed it to be a greeting.

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