Pie Alert

Autumn is a time for bounty and fruits and berries, and all the baking and preserving that comes with them, but it is also the time for curious dragon pups to leave their nests and begin their early explorations, hunting for food before the harsh cold of winter claims it all. To have a whole clutch of dragon pups plundering your garden can be quite a surprise, and while city folk may consider it cute and exciting, country dwellers are more familiar with the antics a hungry pup.

Many a cooling pie has been lost from windowsills, many a pantry plundered, many a table cleared or a picnic hamper stolen. Dragon pups are bold, cheerful, and typically unrelenting when pursuing food. Villages at the foothills of mountains commonly find themselves battling the scampering little thieves as they charge about the cobbles and down narrow alleys, their wings still too small to carry them.

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