Separate Ways

Master Brown has a beautiful stag familiar named Cernos, but Cernos is rarely seen about the town. He lives a life entirely wild and away from people, only entering the town when needed. He and his mage seem at peace with the arrangement and meet up in the woods several times a day to exchange news and findings.

Although Cernos tries to live as a wild deer he ultimately is not. His mind is too like that of a human to truly be wild, so he lives almost like a woodland spirit, halfway between the raw magic of the world and the tamed magic of the mages – some think his arrangement strange or lonely or even rude to his mage, but to live halfway is the life of all familiars, and it is up to they how they choose to live it. He is not a pet to be cuddled or confined, he is a deer first and foremost. Let him walk the woodlands freely and teach us what he has learned.

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