Autumn Slumber

For a young dragon, there’s no better nap spot than a pile of sun-warmed pumpkins. They can flop for hours over a pile of large gourds and it can be difficult for farmers to rouse them if needed. Sometimes a whole clutch can be found in an especially abundant field, all drooped like kittens over the toastiest spots. It may be cute but sometimes a dragon pup can slide down the smooth sides of the gourd and end up trapped in the heap, and its inevitable squeals lead to its mother digging it out.

Some farmers work around this by covering the pumpkins with sticks and branches to keep away the sunlight, but often the pups will clear them away, grumbling irritably. Some farmers try to hide their pumpkins after the harvest, but the pups will often find the hoard and roll them out into the sunshine. Some farmers, however, will actively grow pumpkins and place them on the borders of their lands to encourage the pups away from any more fragile or tempting crops.

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