Baby Face

The big eyes of lake dragons can make them look… well, a bit cutesy, some might say. Their huge eyes help them to see in the depths of the lake, of course, but on the surface they can be left dazzled and blinking.

Arcis is a full grown dragon but he looks like an infant because his huge eyes always peer so innocently out of his shining face. He is far wiser than most and far more patient and calm than almost all others, and is tough enough to endure the crushing depths of the ocean and the icy peaks of the highest mountains. He turns almost invisible in water and can be hard to see when he flies in the sky, too. He and his mage are retired and often spend many hours fishing or hiking.

Still, some people mistake him for a juvenile and they treat him as such – thankfully Arcis finds this quite funny and will sometimes play along.

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