Pepe’s wool grows rapidly. In a few short weeks he can go from being smooth and clipped to being almost spherical, and nobody is quite sure how he does it, but he seems happier when he’s cosy and snug in his deep, deep wool. It must be shorn from time to time or it will mat and tangle and get dirty, but he resists and squiggles and will not stand still.

Pepe’s wool has been of magical interest for quite some time. Once cleaned and brushed, the wool might be used in blankets or pillows and seems to result in impeccable, dreamy sleep. Sufferers of nightmares or night terrors have found great peace and comfort in a Pepe-wool pillow. Pepe himself has never had a nightmare and dreams only of his favourite things – namely clover flowers, honeyed tea, and lavender biscuits.

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