Lazy Days

Herman often needs a nap. He lounges in the sunlight on his favourite bouquet and will doze an hour away without concern, and some deem him lazy. Maybe he is sometimes, when his work is all done for the day, but he must rest if he is to continue or he will simply be too tired.  He’s very small and spends his days carrying his foraging finds like seeds, pollen, leaves, herb samples, and so on, until he is so spent he must sleep.

His efforts may seem small but would you like to spend hours and hours on your hands and knees searching for just the right seed, or just the right kind of flower for its pollen or petals? You’d want a nap too, no doubt. Your world and Herman’s world are very different things, but they can both be hard work. Let him snooze in the afternoon sunlight, and when he’s awake he will gladly find you that ingredient you’re after.

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